Dixon 539 132252 Blower User Manual

• Do not turn on slopes unless necessary, and
then, turn slowly and gradually downhill, if
• Do not mow near drop-off, ditches, or
embankments. The mower could suddenly turn
over if a wheel is over the edge of a cliff or ditch,
or if an edge caves in.
Do not mow on wet grass. Reduced traction
could cause sliding.
Do not try to stabilize the machine by putting
your foot on the ground.
Tragic accidents can occur if the operator is not
alert to the presence of children. Children are often
attracted to the machine and the mowing activity.
Never assume that children will remain where you
last saw them.
NEVER allow children to operate the
Keep children out of the mowing area and under
the watchful care of another responsible adult.
Be alert and turn off the machine if children
enter the area.
Before and when backing, look behind and
down for small children.
Never carry children. They may fall off and be
seriously injured or interfere with safe machine
Use extra care when approaching blind corners,
shrubs, trees, or other objects that may obscure
The operation of any mower can result in
foreign objects thrown into the eyes, which
can result in severe eye damage. Always wear
safety glasses or eye shields while operating
your mower or performing any adjustments or
repairs. We recommend a wide vision safety
mask over spectacles or standard safety
Use extra care in handling gasoline and other
fuels. They are ammable and vapors are
- Use only an approved container.
- Never remove gas cap or add fuel with the
engine running.
- Allow engine to cool before refueling.
- Do not smoke.
- Never refuel the machine indoors.
- Never store the machine or fuel container
inside where there is an open ame, such
as a water heater.
Never run a machine inside a closed area.
Keep nuts and bolts, especially blade
attachment bolts, tight and keep equipment in
good condition.
Never tamper with safety devices. Check for
proper operation regularly.
Keep machine free of grass, leaves, or other
debris buildup. Clean oil or fuel spillage. Allow
machine to cool before storing.
Stop and inspect the equipment if you strike an
object. Repair, if necessary, before restarting.
Never make adjustments or repairs with the
engine running.
Grass catcher components are subject to wear,
damage, and deterioration, which could expose
moving parts or allow objects to be thrown.
Frequently check components and replace
with manufacturer’s recommended parts, when
Mower blades are sharp and can cut. Wrap the
blade(s) or wear gloves, and use extra caution
when servicing them.
Check brake operation frequently. Adjust and
service as shown in the Operator’s Manual.