Craftsman D25083 Pressure Washer User Manual

20- ENG
6. Air in hose.
6. Turn off the engine, then
the water source.
Disconnect the water
source from the pump
inlet and turn the water
source on to remove all air
from the hose. When there
is a steady stream of
water present, turn water
source off. Reconnect
water source to pump inlet
and turn on water source.
Squeeze trigger to remove
remaining air.
7. Choke lever in the
"Choke" position.
8. Throttle control lever is
not in the "Fast" position.
9. High pressure hose is too
7. Move choke to the "No
Choke" position.
8. Move throttle control lever
to the "Fast" position.
9. Use high pressure hose
under 100 feet.
No or low
(initial use)
6. Chemical build up in
chemical injector.
Will not draw
1. Wand not in low
2. Chemical filter clogged.
3. Chemical screen not in
4. Chemical too thick
5. Pressure hose is too long
2. Clean filter.
3. Insure end of chemical
hose is fully submerged
into chemical.
4. Dilute chemical. Chemical
should be the same con-
sistency as water.
5. Lengthen water supply
hose instead of pressure
6. Have parts cleaned or
replaced by AWSC.
1. See How to Use Wand
paragraph in the
Operation Section.