Craftsman D25083 Pressure Washer User Manual

17- ENG
5. Remove the nozzle from the end
of the wand with the 2mm allen
wrench provided as shown.
6. Clean the nozzle using the nozzle
cleaner provided or a straight-
ened paper clip. Insert into the
nozzle end and work back and
forth until obstruction is re-
7. Direct water supply into nozzle
end to backflush loosened parti-
cles for 30 seconds.
8. Reconnect spark plug wire.
9. Reassemble the nozzle to the
wand. Tighten securely to pre-
vent leaks.
10. Reconnect wand to gun and turn
on water supply.
11. Start pressure washer and place
wand into high pressure setting
to test.
If the nozzle becomes clogged with
foreign materials, such as dirt, exces-
sive pressure may develop. If the
nozzle becomes partially clogged or
restricted, the pump pressure will pul-
sate. Clean the nozzle immediately
using the nozzle kit supplied and the
following instructions:
1. Shut off the pressure washer and
turn off the water supply.
2. Disconnect spark plug wire.
3. Pull trigger on gun handle to
relieve any water pressure.
4. Disconnect the wand from the
Clean and Replace Spark Plug
Change the spark plug every 100
hours of operation or once each year,
whichever comes first. This will help
your engine to start easier and run
.030” (0.76 MM)
Wire Gauge
This screen filter should be checked
periodically and cleaned if necessary.
1. Remove filter by grasping end
and removing it from water inlet
of pump as shown.
2. Clean filter by flushing it with
water on both sides.
3. Install filter into water inlet of
Filter Screen