Craftsman D25083 Pressure Washer User Manual

12- ENG
The nozzle at the end of the multi-reg
wand can be rotated to change the
high pressure spray pattern from a
narrow jet to a 40º fan shape, as
shown. Markings have been placed
on the nozzle to help you select the
spray pattern.
For low pressure operation, extend
the nozzle of the multi-reg wand as
40º fan spray
narrow jet stream
Siphoning chemicals or cleaning sol-
vents is a low pressure operation.
NOTE: Use only soaps and chemi-
cals designed for pressure washer
use. Do not use bleach.
1. Press chemical hose onto
barbed fitting located near high
pressure hose connection of
pump as shown.
2. Place other end of chemical hose
with filter on it into container
holding chemical/cleaning solu-
3. Set multi-reg nozzle to low pres-
sure setting, see How To Use
Wand paragraph in this section.
4. After use of chemical, siphon
clean water through chemical
hose to rinse it and pump clean.
Chemicals which remain in pump
can damage it. Damage to pump
due to chemicals will not be cov-
ered under warranty.
NOTE: Chemicals and soap will not
siphon when wand is in the high
pressure setting.
Barb fitting
IMPORTANT: Read and understand
how to shut down the pressure
washer before operating.
1. If you have siphoned chemicals,
siphon a bucket of clean water
through the chemical hose.
NOTE: Failure to do so will
cause damage to the pump.
2. Turn engine off by placing the
throttle control in the OFF
NOTE: NEVER turn the water off
with the engine running.
3. Turn the fuel valve to the OFF
position if engine will not be
restarted soon.
4. Turn water source off.
5. Pull trigger on spray gun to
relieve any water pressure in
hose or spray gun.
6. See Storage section in this man-
ual for proper storage proce-