Craftsman 919.769060 Pressure Washer User Manual

19- ENG
6. Pull engine starter rope slowly
several times until antifreeze or
windshield washer fluid comes
out of high pressure hose con-
nection of pump.
7. Remove short hose from water
inlet of pump.
8. Install spark plug into spark plug
hole and tighten securely, then
reconnect spark plug wire.
9. Drain all water from high pressure
hose, coil it, and store it in cradle
of the pressure washer handle.
10. Drain all water from spray gun
and wand by holding spray gun in
a vertical position with nozzle end
pointing down and squeezing
trigger. Store in gun/hose holder.
11. Store chemical hose, high
pressure hose, spray gun, and
wand so they are protected from
damage, such as being run over.
Engine will not
1. No fuel.
2. Pressure builds up after
two pulls on the recoil
starter or after initial use.
3. Not choked.
4. Spark plug wire not
5. Choke lever in the
"Choke" position on a
"hot" engine or an engine
that has been exposed to
thermal heat for a long
period of time.
6. Fuel valve closed
1. Add Fuel.
2. Squeeze gun trigger to
relieve pressure.
3. Choke engine, place
engine in the choke
4. Attach spark plug wire.
5. Move choke to the "No
Choke" position.
6. Move the fuel valve knob
to the "Open" position.
No or low
(initial use)
1. Wand not in high
1. See How to Use Wand
paragraph in the
Operation Section.
2. Low water supply.
2. Water supply must be at
least 5 GPM @ 20 PSI.
3. Leak at high pressure
3. Repair leak. Apply sealant
tape if necessary.
4. Nozzle obstructed.
4. Clean nozzle with paper
clip or nozzle cleaning
tool, pour water into noz-
zle end to flush out ob-
5. Water filter screen
5. Remove and clean filter.