Craftsman 919.769060 Pressure Washer User Manual

13- ENG
3. Verify the filter screen is in water
inlet of pump, as shown.
4. Connect high pressure hose to
pump outlet.
5. Connect water source to pump
NOTE: Water source must provide
a minimum of 5 gallons per minute
at 20 p.s.i.
6. If you are applying a chemical or
cleaning solution, See How To
Siphon Chemicals/Cleaning
Solvents in Operation section of
this manual.
7. Turn water source on.
NOTE: Make sure water supply is
turned on.
Filter Screen
Read and understand all Important
Safety Instructions in the front of
this manual and the following
Cautions and Warnings before
starting the pressure washer.
Never fill fuel tank completely.
Fill tank to 1/2" below bottom
of filler neck to provide space
for fuel expansion. Wipe any
fuel spillage from engine and
equipment before starting
Never fill fuel tank indoors.
Never fill fuel tank when engine
is running or hot. Do not
smoke when filling fuel tank.
Never run engine indoors or in
enclosed, poorly ventilated
areas. Engine exhaust con-
tains carbon monoxide, an
odorless and deadly gas.
Never turn water supply off
while pressure washer engine
is running or damage to pump
will result.
DO NOT use hot water, use
cold water only.
DO NOT stop spraying water
for more than two minutes at a
1. Add fresh high quality unleaded
gasoline with a pump octane
rating of 86 or higher. Do not
overfill. Wipe up spilled fuel
before starting the engine.
2. Remove filler cap/dipstick and
add engine oil (supplied) to
engine. NOTE: There will be a
slight amount of oil in the engine
from factory testing. Always
check oil level before each start-
Filler cap/dipstick