Craftsman 919.769060 Pressure Washer User Manual

16- ENG
Air Cleaner
A dirty air cleaner will restrict air flow
to the carburetor and cause poor
engine performance. Inspect the filter
each time the engine is operated.
Clean the filter more frequently if the
engine is operated in very dust areas.
NOTICE: Operating the engine
without a filter, will allow dirt to enter
the engine, causing rapid engine wear.
This type of damage is not covered
under the warranty.
1. Press the latch tabs on the top of
the air cleaner cover and remove
the cover. Check the filter to be
sure it is clean and in good
2. Reinstall the filter and air cleaner
1. Tap the filter several times on a
hard surface to remove dirt or
blow compressed air [not
exceeding 30 psi (207kPa, 1.2
] through the filter from the
clean side that faces the engine.
Never try to brush off dirt.
Brushing will force dirt into the
2. Wipe dirt from the air cleaner
body and cover using a moist
rag. Be careful to prevent dirt
from entering the air duct that
leads to the carburetor.
To Change Oil
Drain the engine oil when the engine
is warm. Warm oil drains quickly and
1. Turn the fuel valve to the OFF
position, 1/4 turn clockwise.
2. Place a suitable container next
the engine to catch the used oil.
3. Remove filler cap/dipstick and
drain the oil into the container by
tipping the engine toward the oil
filler neck.
NOTE: Please dispose of used motor
oil in a manner that is compatible with
the environment. It is recommended
to take used oil in a sealed container
to your local recycling center or
service station for reclamation. Do not
throw it in the trash or pour it on the
ground or down a drain.
4. With the engine in a level
position, fill to the upper limit
mark on the dipstick with SAE
10W-30 oil. Engine oil capacity is
0.58 quart (.055 liter). NOTE:
Other viscosities shown in the
chart in the “To Check Oil”
paragraph may be used.
5. Replace the oil filler cap/dipstick
Oil Filler
Upper Limit
Lower Limit
Oil Filler Neck
Air Cleaner Body
Air Duct