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Connecting to Wi-Fi
Your Kindle Fire HD must be connected to a Wi-Fi access point, such as a wireless network at your home or office or
a Wi-Fi hot spot at a business, for you to use many of the device's features.
Your Kindle Fire HD must be within range of a Wi-Fi access point.
You must know the password if you plan to connect to a secured Wi-Fi access point.
To connect your Kindle Fire HD to a Wi-Fi access point, follow these steps:
Navigate to the Home screen.
At the top of the Home screen, swipe down the Status Bar to access the Quick Settings menu.
Tap the Wireless icon to bring up the wireless settings menu.
If the Wi-Fi option is not set to On, tap the On button to activate the device's wireless receiver.
When the Wi-Fi option is turned on, the device will detect available Wi-Fi access points and list them on the