Tanaka THT-210, THT-210s, THT-2000, THT-2100, THT-2120, THT-2510, THT-2520, THT-240, THT-2530, THT-2540, HTD-2520PF, HTD-2522PF, HTD-2526PF, HTD-2530PF, HTS-2530PF Trimmer User Manual

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Owner’s Manual
HT-210/210S/2000/2100/2120/2520, THT-240/2510/2530/2540/262
4. Operating procedures
Fuel (Fig. 2-1)
The hedge trimmer is equipped with a two-stroke engine. Always run the engine on fuel, which is mixed with oil.
Provide good ventilation, when fueling or handling fuel.
• Always use branded 89 octane unleaded gasoline.
• Use Tanaka two-cycle oil or a quality two-cycle oil at mixing ratio of 50:1 (Gasoline (A) : Oil (B)).
• Never use multi-grade oil (10 W/30) or waste oil.
• Always mix fuel and oil in a separate clean container.
Always start by filling half the amount of fuel, which is to be used. Then add the whole amount of oil. Mix (shake) the
fuel mixture.
Add the remaining amount of fuel.
Mix (shake) the fuel-mix thoroughly before filling the fuel tank.
Always shut off the engine before refueling.
Slowly open the fuel tank (1), when filling up with fuel, so that possible over-pressure disappears.
Tighten the fuel cap carefully, after fueling.
Always move the trimmer at least 3 m (10 ft.) from the fueling area before starting.
Before fueling, clean the tank cap area carefully, to ensure that no dirt falls into the tank.
Make sure that the fuel is well mixed by shaking the container, before fueling.