Ford 2010 Fusion Automobile User Manual

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Whenever coolant has been added, the coolant level in the coolant
reservoir should be checked the next few times you drive the vehicle. If
necessary, add enough 50/50 concentration of engine coolant and
distilled water to bring the liquid level to the proper level.
If you have to add more than 1.0 quart (1.0 liter) of engine coolant per
month, have your authorized dealer check the engine cooling system.
Your cooling system may have a leak. Operating an engine with a low
level of coolant can result in engine overheating and possible engine
Recycled engine coolant
Ford Motor Company does NOT recommend the use of recycled engine
coolant since a Ford-approved recycling process is not yet available.
Used engine coolant should be disposed of in an appropriate
manner. Follow your community’s regulations and standards for recycling
and disposing of automotive fluids.
Coolant refill capacity
To find out how much fluid your vehicle’s cooling system can hold, refer
to Maintenance product specifications and capacities in this chapter.
Fill your engine coolant reservoir as outlined in Adding engine coolant
in this section.
Severe climates
If you drive in extremely cold climates (less than –34°F [–36°C]):
It may be necessary to increase the coolant concentration
above 50%.
NEVER increase the coolant concentration above 60%.
Increased engine coolant concentrations above 60% will
decrease the overheat protection characteristics of the engine
coolant and may cause engine damage.
Refer to the chart on the coolant container to ensure the
coolant concentration in your vehicle will provide adequate
freeze protection at the temperatures in which you drive in the
winter months.
If you drive in extremely hot climates:
It is still necessary to maintain the coolant concentration
above 40%.
Maintenance and Specifications
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