AquaPRO PRO1100e TCE Swimming Pool Heater User Manual
Overheating, short-circuiting and fire
damage will result from inadequate
All units are equipped with an
electrical wiring schematic inside the
electrical panel. If this is missing,
please contact the factory at 1-877-
278-2797 to obtain one.
All units are to be wired for 230 VAC, 1
phase. These units require a dedicated
50-amp breaker or time delay fuse.
Pool Heater is to be installed in
accordance with Article 680 of the
National Electrical Code (NEC), NFPA
70, and within the requirements of all
local codes having jurisdiction.
Electronic Temp.
All Units Except PRO1100
• The control located on the front of
your heat pump has a large three-
character display for the water
temperature, set points, and
diagnostics (see figure 3 for front
panel appearance). The three button
keypad includes SET, UP arrow, and
DOWN arrow buttons. LED indicators
next to the display show if the heat
pump is in the pool mode or in the
spa mode and if the unit is running.
Press the SET button to change
between modes and use the up and
down arrows to change the selected
mode’s settings.
Modes available are:
POL - allows you to change the pool
water temperature set point
SPA - allows you to change the spa
water temperature set point
P-S - changes between pool and spa
settings. LED’s on front panel will
indicate current mode selected.
F-C - display temperature in
Fahrenheit or Celsius
FIL - used to set system run time.
H-C - change between heating and
cooling mode.
Water Temperature Set
Temperature set point range is OFF, and
61°F to 95°F for POL mode. For SPA
mode, set point range is OFF, and 61°F to
104°F. Pushing the UP arrow or DOWN
arrow buttons will prompt the control to
display the current set point. Continuing
to press the UP or DOWN buttons will
allow the set point values to scroll until
the desired set point is reached. Once the
new set point has been reached, stop
pressing the UP or DOWN buttons. Once
the unit toggles back to the current
water temperature display, the set point
is entered. The controls have a feature
called “Set Point Memory Retention”. If
the power is removed from the unit, it
retains the last set point displayed.
Connecting to a Remote
System: All Units Except
This Pool Heater is compatible with all
known remote systems in the industry.
The following models’ diagrams show
how to connect all of the remote
systems to the Electronic Temp.
For 2 wire remotes
1. Bring up “POL” setting and arrow
temperature down until pool setting
reads “off”.
2. Bring up “SPA” setting and arrow
temperature up until spa setting
reads 104.
3. Set unit to the “POL” mode.
4. Connect remote system with 2 wires
to the P/S terminal on control board
(see specific model wiring diagram).
For 3 wire remotes
1. Bring up “POL” setting and use
arrows to select desired pool
2. Bring up “SPA” setting and use the
arrows to select the desired spa
3. Set unit to the “POL” mode.
4. Connect the common and high (or
spa) wires to the “P/S” terminals on
control board (see specific model
diagram). Low or pool wire does not
get connected.
Note: For heat/ cool units, the remote
will not work in the cooling mode.
Connecting to Remote
Systems: PRO1100
This Pool Heater is compatible with 2-
wire remote systems only, and is not
compatible with 3 wire remote
systems. Figure 4 shows where to
connect the remote systems to the
Temperature Controller.
Connection to AquaLink, Compool,
Hayward, AquaLogic or any other 2
wire remote system with their own
Remove gray jumper from terminals
1 and 2 on TB1.
Bring the two wires from the remote
system to terminals 1 & 2 on Terminal
Block 1 (TB1).
The Temperature Control knob must
be turned clockwise (highest temp.
setting) for the remote system to
operate the Pool Heater properly.
High Temperature Lock Out:
All Units Except PRO1100
Your heat pump includes a special
feature to “lock” the high
temperature settings. This eliminates
the need for a thermostat lock-box.
This prevents unauthorized persons
from adjusting the heat pump above
these desired limits. To activate this
feature, please call AquaPRO
at 877-AQUA-SYS (877-278-2797)
during business hours 8 AM to 5 PM
EDT Monday through Friday and we
will be glad to assist in setting up this
PRO1300, PRO1100e, PRO1300h/c, PRO1100,
PRO1300h/c TCE, PRO1300 TCE, PRO1100e TCE
Phone: (877)-278-2797
Figure 3 - Front Panel
Basic Heat Pump
Operation (continued)