AeroGarden PRO Greenhouse Kit User Manual

How to Clean Your AeroGarden
Why Clean Your Pump
A clean Pump really does help keep your garden healthy and
productive. Cleaning removes nutrient residue and/or plant
roots that can clog your Pump and prevent the ow of water
and nutrients to your plants. It also reduces Pump noise.
When To Clean Your Pump
We recommend that you clean your AeroGarden Pump after
every Garden has reached the end of its life. This will ensure
that nutrients and/or plant roots do not clog the water ow
in your next Garden. The most convenient time to clean
the Pump is during the “Prepare for Your Next Garden”
cleaning steps, which can be found in the back of any Seed/
Plant Kit Guide.
In some instances, a planted AeroGarden may start to make
noise. This can be a sign of residue build-up inside the Pump.
If this occurs, we recommend cleaning the Pump at the time
you notice the noise. This will not harm your plants.
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A Clean Pump Helps Keep Your Garden Healthy and Productive!
Please refer to these photos, and the one
on page 2, to identify parts referred to in
the Pump Cleaning instructions.
Lamp Arm
Grow Surface
Control Panel
AeroGarden Components
Lamp Hood
Cross Beams & Brackets
Cross Beams
Supplies Needed:
• Small at-head screwdriver
• Small pliers or tweezers (optional)
• Butter knife
• Sink with hot water
• Dish soap
• Towel (optional)
• Extra AeroGarden
Additional Supplies for a Planted Garden:
• Shallow dish (such as baking pan)
• 1 Gallon container (such as a bucket,
large bowl or cooking pot)
Time Needed:
Approximately 20-25 minutes the rst
time and 15 minutes once familiar with
the process
A Note About These Instructions
Cleaning an AeroGarden Pump entails disassembling a portion of your AeroGarden, taking apart the Pump,
cleaning all the Pump Parts, and then putting the Pump back together.
We realize that not everyone is comfortable diving into the inside of an AeroGarden. If you are wary about
taking your Pump apart, or get stuck anywhere during the process, please call Customer Service to discuss
options for replacing your Pump.