GE g006 Pressure Washer User Manual

Care and cleaning of the washer.
Cleaning the Interior
of the Washer
To clean the interior of the washer, select the
BASKETclean feature on the control panel. This
BASKETclean cycle should be performed, at a
minimum, once per month. This cycle will use
more water, in addition to bleach, to control
the rate at which soils and detergents may
accumulate in your washer.
NOTE: Read the instructions below completely
before starting the BASKETclean cycle.
1. Remove any garments or objects from the
washer and ensure the washer basket is
2. Open the washer lid and pour one cup or 250
ml of liquid bleach or other washing machine
cleaner into the basket.
3. Close the lid and select the BASKETclean
cycle. Push the Start button.
4. When the BASKETclean cycle is working, the
display will show the estimated cycle time
remaining. The cycle will complete in about
90 minutes. Do not interrupt the cycle.
BASKETclean may be interrupted by pressing the
Start pad in between cycles. A power outage in
the house might also interrupt the cycle. When
the power supply is back, the BASKETclean cycle
resumes where it had stopped. When interrupted,
be sure to run a complete BASKETclean cycle
before using the washer. If the Power pad is
pressed during BasketClean, the cycle will be
Run BASKETclean with 1 Cup (250 ml) of
bleach once a month.
After the completion of a BASKETclean cycle,
the interior of your washer may have a bleach
It is recommended to run a light color load
after the BASKETclean cycle.
Pour into the
washer basket