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Oct 21st, 2008 at 12:48pm

owners manual

for Toro Snow Blower

also, when it is started, it smokes a lot. even after its running it is still real smokey? the mixture is right on and is there anything else it could be?


  • bluebeast440
    If the fuel/oil mix is 32:1, then the fuel mixture screws are too rich or the choke is closed part way....

    Here's the manual for the tecumseh motors put into the Toro snowblowers s-200 and s-620

    screw in both mixture screws all the way and back them out 1 full turn. this will allow the motor to run (if not unscrew them an additional 1/2 turn)

    start with the righthand screw as your facing them. that is the main fuel screw.. adjust until 'smooth' running. then keep turning one way until it runs rough. turn the other way until it runs rough again...

    set between those settings... then do the same with the left hand screw (the idle mixture screw)

    Make sure you ahve a new spark plug, not just a 'clean' plug. that was also my smokey problem.

    here's the manual link below...

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  • maxflanders
    does anyone have this manual? the link above seems broken.

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