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Jul 28th, 2008 at 2:48pm

carb adjustments

for Toro Snow Blower s200

What each of the screws adjust?

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  • bluebeast440
    facing the screws:

    LEFT is idle mixture and RIGHT is the main mixture...

    in my experience, the both get adjusted about the same :P if the main is too rich, the idle can be leaned .. and vice versa...

    the manual says to start with both turned in all the way and then backed out 1 full turn each..this should allow it to run... adjust the main (right) either way until it runs bad.... then adjust the other way until it runs bad.... set in between those number of turns... then the same goes for the idle mixture...

    its a lame answer, but thats how i adjusted mine and it works

    heres the Tecumseh motor manual for the Toro s-200 and s-620

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