Yamaha yamaha generator Portable Generator User Manual

3. Pull the choke knob fully out.
1 Choke knob
The choke is not required to start a warm engine.
Push the choke knob in to the original position.
4. Pull slowly on the recoil starter until it is engaged,
then pull it briskly.
5. After the engine starts, warm up the engine until
the engine does not stop when the choke knob is
returned to the original position.
6. Push the choke knob back to the original position.
When starting the engine in areas where the ambient
temperature is below 0°C (32°F), the engine automati-
cally operates at the rated r/min (3,600 r/min) for three
minutes to warm up the engine regardless of the econ-
omy control switch position. The economy control unit
operates normally afterwards if the economy control
switch is turned to I (ON).
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