Troy-Bilt Straight Shaft Trimmer Trimmer User Manual

Line Locking Hole
6. Pull the line from the outer spool until the line is tight
against the inner reel (Fig. 11).
Fig. 11
Fig. 10
Trimming Line
Line Loading Hole
5. Insert the line into the locking hole (Fig. 10). Do not
push the line more than 1/2 inch (12.7 mm) into the
line locking hole. When inserted correctly the line
will form a small loop (Fig. 10).
Always use Genuine Factory Parts™ 0.080 inch (2.03 mm)
replacement line. Line other than specified may make the
engine overheat or fail.
There are two methods to replace the SpeedSpool®
trimming line.
• Wind the inner reel with new line
• Install a prewound inner reel
Winding the Inner Reel With New Line
NOTE: It is unnecessary to remove the bump knob to
install new trimming line.
1. Cut two pieces of 0.080 inch (2.03 mm) trimming
line, 10 feet (3 m) long.
2. Hold the outer spool and turn the inner reel
counterclockwise to line up the arrows on the outer
spool and inner reel (Fig. 8).
3. Pull old line out of the line loading and line locking
holes (Figs. 9 and 10).
4. Insert a piece of trimming line into one of the two
eyelets in the outer spool. Push it up through the line
loading hole in the inner reel (Fig. 9). Do not bend the
line when inserting it into the eyelet.
Top View Of The SpeedSpool
Outer Spool
Inner Reel
Bump Knob
Fig. 8
Fig. 9
WARNING: Always use the correct line length
when installing trimming line on the unit. The line
may not release properly if the line is too long.
WARNING: Never use metal-reinforced line,
wire, or rope, etc. These can break off and
become a dangerous projectile.