ZyXEL Communications NSA-220 Computer Drive User Manual

Chapter 8 Application Screens
NSA-220 User’s Guide
Figure 79 Applications > Broadcatching
The following table describes the labels in this screen.
Table 30 Applications > Broadcatching
Add Channel When you find a channel to subscribe to, copy the URL of the channel’s feed and
click this button. A screen opens for you to subscribe to the feed. When you are
done, the feed’s channel and contents display in the Applications >
Broadcatching screen.
Delete Channel Select a channel and click Delete Channel to remove the channel from the NSA.
Any of the channel’s items that you have already downloaded stay in the channel’s
folder (in the admin share’s download folder).
Select a channel and click Refresh Channel to check for new files.
Edit Channel Select a channel and click Edit Channel to open a screen where you can set the
channel’s download and delete policies.
The table lists channels and their files. Click a column’s heading to sort the entries
by that criteria.
Channel Name This identifies the channel. A channel displays in red if there was an error the last
time the NSA attempted to connect to it. When this happens, you can select the
channel and click Refresh Channel to have the NSA reattempt to connect to it.
Select a channel to see its available files. A “...” indicates an abbreviated name.
Hold your cursor over the name to display the full name.