Simplicity 1687391 Snow Blower User Manual

Snowthrower Decal Conversion Kit
Part No. 1687391
1. Remove the push nuts (B, Figure 1) securing the
chute wireform (A).
2. Remove and discard the wireform (A).
3. Replace the icon-based CE decals on the unit with
the text and icon ANSI decals from this kit as shown
in Figure 2.
4. Remove and replace the starter with Briggs &
Stratton starter kit 390922.
Figure 1. Remove Chute Guard
A. Chute Guard
B. Push Nuts
Figure 2. Decal Replacement
Kit Contents:
Ref Part No. Qty. Description
1 1733057/7071880 1 Chute Warning Decal
2 1716532 1 Auger Warning Decal
3 1727020 1 Dash Panel Decal
4 1726946 1 Dash Panel Decal
This kit contains the decals and modifications
necessary to convert an export CE snowthrower
into an ANSI compliant domestic product.
Briggs & Stratton Yard Power Products Group
Copyright © 2007 Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Milwaukee, WI USA. All Rights Reserved
Form No. 1736012
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TP 200-4830-00-SK-S