Miele H 5681 BP Oven User Manual

Oven controls
In addition to operating the various
cooking programmes to bake, roast
and grill, the controls also offer the
a time of day display,
a minute minder,
a timer for programming cooking
user programmes,
automatic programmes,
settings that can be customised.
Auto sensor
This sensor controls
the cooking duration of the automatic
programmes. This will be indicated in
the display.
the cooling fan run-on time.
the duration of the pyrolytic cleaning
Safety features
System lock
The system lock 0 prevents the oven
from being used unintentionally by
children, for example. See "Settings -
Safety switch-off
Safety switch-off is triggered
automatically if the oven is operated for
an unusually long period of time. The
period of time will depend on the oven
function selected.
Cooling system
A cooling fan will come on
automatically when a cooking
programme is started. The cooling fan
mixes hot air from the oven cavity with
cool room air before venting it out into
the kitchen through vents located
between the appliance door and the
control panel.
The cooling fan will continue to run for a
while after the oven has been switched
off to prevent any humidity building up
in the oven, on the control panel or on
the oven housing unit.
Vented oven door
The oven door is an open system and
some of the door panes have a
heat-reflecting coating. During
operation, cool air is passed through
the oven door to keep the outer pane
If necessary, the oven door can be
dismantled for cleaning.
Door lock for pyrolytic operation
For safety reasons the door locks as
soon as the pyrolytic cleaning
programme starts. After the pyrolytic
programme has finished, the door will
remain locked until the temperature in
the oven has dropped below 280°C.