Poulan 545117551 Pole Saw User Manual

of this tool and seek medical attention. An
anti--vibration system doesnot gu aranteethe
avoidance of t hese problems. Users whoop-
erate power tools on a continual and regular
basis mustmonitorclosely theirphysicalcon-
dition and the condition of this tool.
This model is equipped with a coupler which
enables optional attachments t o be installed.
The optional att achments are:
Edger PP1000E....................
Cultivator PP2000T.................
Blower PP3000B...................
WARNING: Use of any other attach-
ments besides those listed above and the at-
tachment provided with this unit might present a
risk of injury to the operator or bystanders. Only
those attachments listed above and the attach-
mentprovidedwiththis unithavebeentestedfor
use with this powerhead.
WARNING: Foreachoptionalattach-
mentused,read entireinstruction m anualbe -
fore use and follow all warnings and instruc-
tions i n manual and on attachment.
NOTE: Use the assist handle included with
your unit (as shown below) when operating
the following attachments.
Assist Handle
WARNING: Neverputhandsorother
objects into blower housing to avoid serious
injury from rotating impeller.
WARNING: Inspect area before
starting unit. Removeall debris and hard o b -
jects suchas rocks,glass, wire, etc. that can
ricochet, b ethrown,orotherwisecauseinjury
or damage dur ing operation.
S Inspect unit before each use for worn,
loose, missing or damaged parts. Do not
use unt il unit is in proper working order.
S Donot setuniton an ysurface e xceptaclean,
hard area. Debris such as gravel, sand, dust,
grass, etc., could be picked up by the air in-
take and thrown out through discharge open-
ing, damaging unit, property, or causing seri-
ous injury to bystanders or operator.
S Neverplaceobjects insidetheblowertubes
or blower outlet. Always direct the blowing
debris away from people, animals, glass,
and solid objects such as trees, automo-
biles, walls, etc. T heforceof air can cause
rocks, dirt, orsticks tobe thrownor torico-
chet which can hurt people or animals,
break glass, or cause o ther damage.
S Check air intake openingand blower tubes
frequently, always with unit stopped a nd
power source disconnected. Keep vents
and discharge tubes free of debris which
can accumulate andrestrictproper airflow.
S Neverplaceanyobjectinairintakeopening
as this could restrict proper air flow and
cause damage to the unit.
S Never douse orsquirt theunit with water or
anyother liquid.Cleanunitandlabelswitha
damp sponge. Keep handles dry, clean,
and free from oil and grease.
S Never use forspreadingchemicals, f ertiliz-
ers,orother substanceswhichmaycontain
toxic materials.
S Toavoidspreadingfire,donot usenearleaf
or brush fires, fireplaces, barbecue pits,
ashtrays, etc.
CUTTING AREA. Rotating tinescan causese-
rious i njury. Do not attempt to clear away cut
material or hold material tobe cut when themo-
tor is running. Make sure powerhead is stopped
and disconnected f rom power source when re-
moving jammed material from the tines. Do not
grab or hold attachment by the tines.
WARNING: Rotating tines can cause
serious in jury . Keep away from rotating tine s.
Stop the unit and disconnect the power source
before unclogging tines or making repairs.
WARNING: I nspect the area to be
cultivatedbeforestartingtheunit. Removeall
debris and hard and sharp objects such as
rocks, vines, branches, rope, string, etc.
S Hold the unit firmly with both hands
S Keepfirmfootingand balance.Donotover-
reach or stand on unstable surfaces.
S Look behind and use care when backing up.
S Keep all parts of your body away from the
S Neveroperatethecultivatorwithoutthetine
guard in place and properly secured.
S Keepthetines andguardclearofdebris.Al-
ways wear gloves whenservicingor clean-
ing the tines. The tines become very sharp
from use.
S Avoid heavy contact with solid objects that
might stop the tines. If heavy contact oc-
curs, stop themotorand inspecttheunitfor
S After striking a foreign object, stop theunit,
disconnect the power source and inspect
thecultivator fordamage. Repairbeforere-
S Disconnect attachment from the drive mo-
torbeforecleaningthetines withahoseand
water toremove anybuild--up. Oil thetines
to prevent rust.
S Donotrununitathighspeedunlesscultiva-