Poulan 545117551 Pole Saw User Manual

WARNING: Trimmer line throws ob-
jects violently.Youandotherscan beblinded/
injured. Wear safety glasses, boots, and leg
protection. Keep body p arts clear of rotating
Eye Protection
50 ft.
(15 meters)
Keep children, bystanders, and animals 50
immediately .
WARNING: Inspect the area to be
trimmed before each use. Remove objects
(rocks, broken glass, nails, wire, etc.) which
Hard objects can damage the trimmer head
and be thrown causing serious injury.
S Inspect unit before use. Replace damaged
parts. M ake sure all handles, guards, and
fasteners are in place and securely fas-
tened. Parts that are damagedmust be re-
pairedorreplacedby anauthorizedservice
dealer. These include head parts that are
cracked, orchipped, guards, andanyother
part that is damaged.
S Keep firm fo oting a nd b alan ce. Do not over-
reach or use from unstable surfaces such as
ladders, trees, steep slopes, rooftops, etc.
S Keep all parts of your body away from cut-
ting head and spinning line.
S Keepthecuttingheadbelowwaist level.Do
notraisehandles aboveyourwaist.Cutting
head can come dangerously close to your
body .
S Use unit properly. Use only for trimming, edg-
ing, scalping, and mowing. Do not force unit.
It will do the job better and with less risk ofin-
jury at the rate for which it was designed.
S When using the trimmer attachment, keep
cutting line at proper length. Use only 0 .080
(2 mm) diameter Poulan brand line. Never
use wire, rope, string, etc.
S Installrequiredshieldproperly beforeusing
thetrimmer a ttachment. Useonly specified
trimmer head and spool; m ake sure it is
properly installed and securely fastened.
S Cut from your right to your left. Cutting on
left sideof theshieldwill throw debris away
from the operator.
S Store the unit so the line limiter blade (on
underside of shield) cannot cause in jury.
S Useonly indaylightorin goodartificiallight.
S Use only for jobs explained in this manual
(or manuals for optional attachments).
S Have all service performed by a qualified
service dealer with the exception of the
items listed in the maintenance section of
this manual.
S Maintain unit according to recommended
S Make certain the chain and/or cutting head
stops moving when trigger switch is re-
S When using the trimmer attachment,
keep c utting line at proper length. Use
only 0.080 (2 mm) diameter Poulan
brand line. N ev er use wire, r ope, s t ring,
S Installrequiredshieldproperly beforeusing
thetrimmerattachment. Useonlyspecified
trimmer head and spool; make sure it is
properly installed and securely fastened.
S Never modify your unit in any way.
S Keep the handles dry, clean, and free from
oil and grease.
S Keep oil cap, screws, and fasteners se-
curely tightened.
S Keep chain sharp and clean for better and
safer performance.
S Follow instructions for l ubricating and chang-
ing accessories and for changing trimmer
S Check for damaged parts. Before further use
of the unit, a part that is d amaged should be
carefully checked to determine that it will op-
erate properly and perform its intended
function.Check foralignment o f m ovingparts,
binding of moving parts, breakage o f parts,
mounting and any other conditions that may
affect its operation. Any part that is damaged
should b eproperly repaired or replaced by an
authorized service dealer unless otherwise
indicated elsewhere inthe instruction manual.
S Use only recommended attachments and re-
placement parts t o avoid creating a hazard
and/or voiding warranty.
S Whennotin use,the u nitshould bestored i na
dry,highorlocked-up placeout ofthereachof
S When storing unit, unplug from the power
source and u se a bar sheath when appropri-
S Stop the unit and disconnect the power
source when not in use.
S Carry the unit with motor stopped.
S Store unitindoors in ahigh,dry place outof
thereachof children. Store unitun plugged.
S Donothangunitsothatthe t riggerswitchis
SAFETYNOTICE: Exposuretovibrations
through prolon ged use of hand tools could
cause blood vessel or nerve damage in the
fingers, hands, and joints of people prone to
circulation disorders or abnormal swellings.
Prolonged use in cold weather has been
linked to blood vessel dama ge in otherwise
healthy people. If symptoms occur such as
numbness, pain, loss of strength, change in
skin color or t exture, or loss of feeling in the
fingers, hands, o r joints, discontinue the use