Poulan 545117551 Pole Saw User Manual

S Pinch-Kickbackcanoccur whenthewood
closes in and pinches the moving chain in
thecutalongthetopoftheguidebar andthe
chain is suddenly stopped. This sudden
stoppingofthe chainresults inareversalof
the chain for ce u sed to cut wood and
causes the pruner to move in the opposite
directionofthechain rotation.The pruneris
driven straight back toward t he operator.
S Pull-In can occur when the moving chain
contactsaforeignobject inthe woodinthecut
along the bot tom of the guide bar and the
chain is suddenly stopped. This sudden stop-
ping pulls the pruner forward and away from
the operator and could easily cause the oper-
ator to l ose control of t he pruner .
S Recognizethatkickbackcanhappen. With
abasic understandingofkickback, youcan
reduce the element of surprise which con-
tributes to accidents.
S Never let themoving chain contact any ob-
ject a t the tip of the guide bar.
S Keep the working area free from obstructions
suchas othertrees,branches, rocks,stumps,
etc. Eliminate or avoid any obstruction t hat
your chain could hit wh ile you are cut ting.
When cutting a branch, do not let the guide
bar contact branch or o ther objects around it.
S Keep your chain sharp and properly ten-
sioned. A lo ose or dull chain can increase
the chance of kickback occurring. Follow
manufacturer’s chain sharpening and
maintenance instructions. Check tension
atregularintervals,butneverwiththem otor
running. M akesurethebarclampnutisse-
curely tightened after tensioning thechain.
S Begin and continue cutting at full speed. If
is gr eater chance of kickback o ccurring.
S Cut one branch at a time.
S Use extreme caution when re-entering a
previous cut.
S Do not att em pt cuts starting with the t ip of
the bar (plunge cuts).
S Watch for shifting of wood or other forces that
could close a cut and pinch or fall into chain.
S Use the Reduced--Kickback Guide Bar and
Low--Kickback Chain specified for your unit.
S Keep a good, firm grip on the pruner with
both hands when the unit is running and
don’tlet go. A firmgripwill helpyou reduce
gers of your left hand encircling and your
left thumb under the assist handle. Keep
your right hand completely around t hetrig-
left handed.
S Stand withyour weight evenly balanced on
both feet.
S Standslightly totheleftsideofthe prunerto
keep your body from being in a direct line
with t he cutting chain.
WARNING: The following features
hazard of kickback; however, such features
will not totally eliminate t his danger. As a
pruner user, do not rely only on safety de-
vices. Youmust followallsafety precautions,
instructions, and maintenance in this manual
tohelpavoidkickback andotherforceswhich
can result in serious injury.
S Reduced--Kickback Guide Bar , designedwith
a small radius tip which reduces the size of
the kickback danger zone on the bar tip.
Large Radius Tip
S Low--Kickback Chain,designedwith acon-
toured depth gauge and guard link which
deflect kickback force and allow wood to
graduallyrideintothecutter. Alowkickback
chain has metkickback performance require-
ments when tested o n t he r epresentative
sample of the chain saws specified in ANSI
Not aLow---Kickback Chain
Contoured Depth Gauge
Elongated Guard Link
kickback force
togradually ride
into cutter
DANGER: Neverusebladeswithline
trimmer attachment. Never use flailing de-
vices with any attachment. This attachment
(when usedwith suppliedline trimmerattach-
ment) is designed for line trimmer use only.
Use of any other accessories with line trim-
merattachmentwillincreasetherisk ofinjury.