Poulan 545117551 Pole Saw User Manual

Eye Protection
Heavy Shoes
Cut from your right to your left.
Long Pants
WARNING: Alwayswear eyeprotec-
tion. Never lean over the trimmer head.
Rocks ordebriscanricochetorbethrowninto
eyes and face an d cause blindness or other
serious injury.
Whenoperatingunit,standas shown andcheck
for the following:
S Wear eye p rotection and heavy clothing.
S Hold trigger handlewith right hand and as-
sist handle with left hand.
S Keep unit below waist level.
S Cutfromyour righttoyour le fttoensurede-
ing over, keep line near and parallel to the
groundandnot crowdedinto materialbeing
inches (5 cm) each time the bott om of the
trimmerheadis tappedonthegroundwiththe
engine running at full throttle.
Themost efficient line lengthis the maximum
length allowed by the line limiter.
Always keep theshield i nplacewhen thetool
is being operated.
To advance line:
S Operate the engine/motor at full throttle.
S Holdthetrimmerheadparalleltoandabove
the grassy a rea.
S Tap t he bottom of the trimmer head lightly on
the ground one time. Approximately 2 inches
(5 cm) of line will be advanced with each tap.
Always ta p the trimme r head on a grassy area.
Tapping on surfaces such as concrete or as-
phalt can cause e xcessive wear to the trimmer
head. If the line is worn down to 2inches (5cm)
or less, more thanone tapwill berequired toob-
tain the most efficient line length.
WARNING: Use on ly 0.080” (2 mm)
diameter line. Other sizes of l ine will not ad -
vance properly andcancause serious injury.
Do not use other materials such as wire,
string, rope, etc. Wire can break off during
cutting and become adangerous missile that
can cause serious injury .
WARNING: Useminimumspeedand
do not crowd the line when cutting ar ound
hard objects (rock, gravel, fence posts, etc.),
entangled in the line, or be t hrown causing a
serious hazard.
S The tip of the line does the cutting. You will
achieve the best performance and mini-
mumline wearby not crowding the lineinto
the cutting area. The right and wrong ways
are shown below.
Tip of the Line
Does The Cutting
Line Crowded Into
Work Area
S The line will easily remove grass and
weedsfromaroundwalls,fences, treesand
flower beds, but it also can cut the tender
bark of trees o r shrubs and scar fences.
S For trimming or scalping, use less than full
throttle toincreaseline lifeanddecreasehead
wear, especially:
S During light dut y cutting.
S Near objects around which the line can
wrap such as small posts, trees or fence
S Formowi ngorsweeping, usefullthrottlefor
a good clean job.
TRIMMING -- Hold the bot tomof the trim mer
headabout 3inches (8cm)above theground
andatanangle.Allow onlythetipofthe lineto
make contact. Do not force trimmer line int o
work area.
3 inches (8 cm)
above g round
SCALPING -- The scalping technique re-
moves unwanted vegetation down to the
ground. Hold the bottom of the trimmer head
about 3in.(8cm) above theground andatan
angle. Allow the tip of the line to strike the
ground aroundtrees, posts, monuments,etc.
This technique increases line wear.
MOWING -- Your trimmer i s ideal for mowing
in places conventional lawn mowers cannot
reach. In the mowing position, keep the line
parallel to the ground. Avoid pressing the
head into the ground as this can scalp the
ground and damage the tool.