Land Pride RCM5510 Brush Cutter User Manual

83 8/06/07
Rotary Cutters, Folding Deck
Specifications & Capacities
Designs, specifications, features and information are subject to change without notice.
Folding Deck
RC5510, RCM5510, RC6510 & RCM6510
RC5510 & RCM5510 RC6510 & RCM6510
Gearbox Horsepower 250 HP Splitter
210 HP Center & Wing
250 HP Splitter
210 HP Center & Wing
(Blade spindle gearboxes are built heavier)
Min. PTO Horse Power 50
Cutting Capacity 3 1/2” 4"
Machine Weight Single row chain guards, 5 laminated wheels, 540 CV main driveline & standard clevis hitch
4,730 lbs. Approx. 4,745 lbs. Approx.
Blade Tip Speed At 540 RPM Center Blades = 14,886 FPM Wing Blades = 14,769 FPM
At 1000 RPM Center Blades = 15,604 FPM Wing Blades = 15,741 FPM
Hitch Weight 1,860 lbs.
Hitch Type Pull Type, Self - Leveling Hitch & Clevis
Clevis Type: Standard, Up & Down Swivel
Hitch Jack Standard
Wing Offset Right Wing Model with weight box on left side
Cutting Width
Overall Width
Minimum Transport Width
Overall Length 15’-1”
Deck Height 12”
Cutting Height 2” to 14” with
Lift Hydraulics 3 1/2" x 8" hydraulic cylinder, hoses, fittings & stroke control spacers
Wing Hydraulics 3" x 12" hydraulic cylinders, hoses & fittings
Wing Transport Protection Wing Transport Locks
Deck Material 10 gauge Top Deck and 7 gauge Bottom Deck
Side Skirt Material Bolt-on replaceable 1/4" side
Skid Shoes Wing and Weight Box: Reversible & replaceable
Center Deck: 2 with optional mounting location on center deck
Blades - 4 (2 per Carrier) 1/2” x 4” Heat Treated Free Swinging Alloy Steel with up lift
Blade Overlap 6"
Blade Bolt Keyed with hardened flat washer & lock nut
Stump Jumper / Blade Holder 3/16" Round dish shaped pan, reinforced with 1" x 5" x 22 3/4" blade bar
Deck Ring Optional 1/2" x 3" fully welded
Front & Rear Guards Optional rubber, single chain or double chain
Input Driveline ASAE Category 5 Star Profile with constant velocity u-joint or conventional (non-cv) u-joint.
Wing Drivelines ASAE Category 4 star profile with
slip-clutch or optional Cat. 5 with slip-clutch
ASAE Category 5 star profile with
Wheel Options 6” x 21” Laminated Tires or 15” Rims or
24” x 7.75” x 15”, Used Aircraft Tires with or without foam filling
Number of Wheels 5 - Wheel option: 4 on transport axle and one on wing axle
6 - Wheel option: 4 on transport axle and two on wing axle.
Transport Axle Spring-cushioned on center transport axle
optional Walking tandem
Hubs Cast iron five-bolt hubs with tapered roller bearings and 1 3/4" shafts.
Colors Standard color: Beige; Optional colors: Green or Red