Land Pride RC25 Brush Cutter User Manual

Assembly Instructions
Land Pride
© Copyright 2005 Printed 6/8/05
Before You Start
These option assembly instructions contain only information on
assembling the attachment to the listed Rotary Cutters. A de-
tailed Operator’s Manual was supplied with the cutter when it
was purchased. For more specific information on safety con-
cerns refer to the Operator’s Manual. Also included in the Oper-
ator’s Manual is important information on operation, adjustment,
troubleshooting, and maintenance for this attachment (some of
these sections do not apply to all options).
A separate Parts Manual for replacement parts can be pur-
chased from your dealer or download free of charge from our
website at Have model and serial numbers
handy when placing an order.
General Information
These option assembly instructions apply to the Check Chain
option listed below:
This kit is designed to adapt to the following Land Pride products:
RC25 RCR26
Starting on page 2 is a detailed listing of parts included in these
kits. Use this list as a checklist to inventory parts received.
Assembly Instructions
Check Chain Assembly
Refer to Figure 1:
Install check chain to cutter deck with 3/4" bolt 3/4" lockwasher
and 3/4" nut.
Check Chain Assembly
Figure 1
When you see this symbol, the subsequent instructions
and warnings are serious - follow without exception. Your
life and the lives of others depend on it!
Rotary Cutters
Check Chain Kit