La Crosse Technology WD-3303 Weather Radio User Manual

Version 1.2 - 3/17/2010
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Now you can keep an eye on the weather where your daughter goes to school,
your favorite vacation spot, your parents’ house and more.
Severe Weather Alerts
Keep your family safe with Severe Weather Alerts issued by the National
Weather Service. This valuable information will help you prepare for upcoming
weather events. Choose which types of severe weather events you want to
receive. Even be alerted via e-mail or SMS text message when you are away
from your Wireless Display!
Severe Weather Alerts are available for either 1 year or 3 year periods that cover
one forecast location. You can add up to 5 total alert locations if you also have
the Add 4 Locations Expansion Option active.
Severe Weather Alerts are available for any of our forecast locations.
Weather Direct® is not liable for any incidents that may occur as a result of any
National Weather Service alert. This alert service is provided as a convenience
to make you aware of a potential situation, not as a replacement for local severe
weather warning systems.