Panasonic DMC-FX01 Digital Camera User Manual

If you return the menu settings to the initial
settings at the time of purchase, the
condition may improve.
Select [RESET] in the [SETUP] menu.
Battery and power source
1: The camera cannot be operated even
when it is turned on.
Is the battery inserted correctly?
Check the direction of the battery.
Is the battery sufficiently charged?
Use a battery that has been
sufficiently charged.
2: The LCD monitor turns off while the
camera is turned on.
Is power save mode (P18) or economy
mode (P18) activated?
Press the shutter button halfway to
cancel these modes.
Is the battery exhausted?
Charge the battery or replace it with a
battery which has enough capacity.
3: The camera turns off immediately
after it is turned on.
Is the battery charge insufficient to
operate the camera?
Use a battery that has been
sufficiently charged.
If you leave the camera on, the
battery will be exhausted. Turn the
camera off frequently by using power
save mode (P18) etc.
1: The picture cannot be recorded.
Is the card inserted?
Is the mode dial correctly set?
Is there any memory remaining on the
Before recording, delete some
pictures. (P31)
2: The recorded picture is whitish.
The lens is dirty.
The picture can become whitish if there
is dirt e.g. fingerprints on the lens. If the
lens is dirty, turn on the camera, eject
the lens barrel (P10) and gently wipe
the lens surface with a soft dry cloth.
3: The recorded picture is too bright or
Check that the exposure is correctly
compensated. (P41)
4: The subject is not focused properly.
The focus range varies depending on
the recording mode.
Rotate the mode dial to set the proper
mode for the distance to the subject.
Is the subject beyond the focus range of
the camera? (P23)
Have you taken a picture with jitter?
5: The recorded picture is blurred. The
optical image stabilizer is not
The shutter speed will become slower
and the optical image stabilizer function
may not work properly when taking
pictures especially in dark places. In
this case, we recommend holding the
camera firmly with both hands when
taking pictures. (P23) When
[SLOW SHUTTER] (P68) is set, we
recommend using a tripod and the
self-timer (P40) when taking pictures.
6: The recorded picture looks rough.
Noise appears on the picture.
Is the ISO sensitivity high or the shutter
speed slow?
(ISO sensitivity is set to [AUTO] when
the camera is shipped. Therefore, when
taking pictures indoors etc. the ISO
sensitivity increases.)
Decrease the ISO sensitivity. (P64)
Set [PICT.ADJ.] to [NATURAL]. (P69)
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