Briggs & Stratton IS2000Z Lawn Mower User Manual

Briggs & Stratton Yard Power Products Group
Copyright © 2006 Briggs & Stratton Corporation
Milwaukee, WI, USA. All Rights Reserved.
TP 200-7322-00-SK-FS
Before beginning any service work turn off the
PTO, set the parking brake, turn off the ignition,
and disconnect the spark plug wire(s).
1. Park machine on a flat, level surface and engage the
parking brake. Disengage the PTO switch, turn off
the engine and remove the key from the ignition.
2. Remove the PTO clutch belt.
3. Cut the tie wrap that secures the PTO clutch wires
(E, Figure 1) to the PTO clutch anchor bracket (G).
Disconnect the PTO clutch wires from the main wire
4. Remove the 5/16” nylock flange nut (D) that secures
the PTO clutch anchor pad (F) to the PTO clutch (B).
NOTE: Before removing the PTO clutch observe and
remember the clutch orientation to the clutch anchor pad
for reinstallation later.
5. Loosen and remove the crankshaft bolt (C), the PTO
clutch (B) and the crankshaft spacer (A). Discard the
old crankshaft bolt and the old spacer.
6. Install the new crankshaft spacer with the rounded
edge on the inside of the spacer facing up toward the
pulley (H). Reinstall the PTO clutch in the same
orientation that it was removed in Step #5 and
secure with the new crankshaft bolt. Torque the
crankshaft bolt to 65 ft-lbs (88Nm).
7. Reinstall the 5/16” nylock flange nut to secure the
PTO clutch anchor pad to the PTO clutch.
8. Reconnect the PTO clutch wires to the main wire
harness. Pull the wire slack away from all belts and
pulleys and secure to the PTO clutch anchor bracket
with the tie wrap.
9. Reinstall the PTO clutch belt.
Engine Spacer Replacement Kit
Part No. 5600094
For Ferris 27HP Kohler IS2000Z Models and Simplicity Cobalt Models
Kit Contents:
Part No. Qty. Description
5044062 1 Spacer, 1.13 X 1.75 X .50
5045289 1 Bolt, Crankshaft, 7/16 X 2-1/2”
5021029 1 Tie Wrap, 11” long
Figure 1. Replacing the Engine Spacer
A. Crankshaft Spacer
B. PTO Clutch
C. Crankshaft Bolt
D. 5/16” Nylock Flange Nut
E. PTO Clutch Wires
F. PTO Clutch Anchor Pad
G. PTO Clutch Anchor Bracket